"Marty Fullard is one of the premier drum teachers in the UK. His knowledge and skill in preparing a student to be a professional musician is second to none. But beyond that, Marty's charismatic and warm personality will endear him for life to anyone lucky enough to be under his expert tutelage. I can truly say I wish had the opportunity myself to learn from such a master drummer and teacher. I am honored to know him as both a friend and colleague." Joel Rothman: Drum Educator, Author


"In the world of music there’s no magic until someone learns to play. The teachers and students who appreciate drums and the music they create couldn’t have a better friend than Marty and his Professional Drum Teacher's Guild. I’ve always said there’s a special place in heaven for the encouraging parents of drummers. When they get there they’ll most certainly run into Marty and his team."  Steve Bryant: Publisher, Classic Drummer Magazine

 "Marty is totally inspiring, dedicated and 100% committed. He is a true person, a real professional and amazing at what he does. I'm simply blown away by this man." Gina Schock: Drummer, The GoGo's


"I often have students inquire as to how to incorporate rudiments into drum set playing. Martin Fullard has put together a wonderful teaching text that addresses those questions and more. Marty is one of the most conscientious educators I know. More than that, he is one of the greatest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Combining these two qualities results in a model of a professional we should all strive to emulate." Charlie Harrington: Drummer, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker etc


"Taking lessons with Marty will help make you a well-rounded musician and teach you to focus and achieve your goals quicker." Drummer: Billy Amendola


"I am so impressed with all the vision and hard work Marty has done with the Professional Drum Teacher Guild. It unites drum educators globally. Ideas can be shared and open communication always move the art form forward. As I travel around the world I meet the teachers and we are bonded by playing the drums and sharing it with our students! Marty keep the fire burning and thanks for all your efforts!" Dom Famularo: Professional Drum Educator

"As a teaching Aide at a special school, we often have to find different ways to encourage and motivate our pupils to engage in new activities, HOWEVER when Marty came to school our only problem was explaining to our children that they couldn't play the drums all day! Marty has such a happy positive way about him that made ALL our children feel they really were rock stars. To see the smiles on their faces and often their behavior show a huge improvement because of Marty was always such a pleasure to see.On behalf of all our children, thank you,Marty." Hollie: Teachers Aide


"Marty Fullard is a phenomenal drum teacher and he is an asset to the drumming community. Whatever your goals are for playing the drums, he will help you learn how to play any song, how to play with other musicians, and how to have fun while learning to play this wonderful instrument. I give Marty Five Stars!!!" John Odom: Professional Drum Teacher

"I always wanted to play an instrument but couldn't seem to pick anything up. One day i started messing about on a drum kit and really enjoyed it. I decided to give the drums ago and so I had lessons with Marty. As a female I was slightly nervous at first but as soon as I finished my first lesson I couldn't wait until the next. Marty is so encouraging and makes learning such fun. I have just had a baby daughter and if she tells me one day that she would like to learn the drums I know just the man to turn to." Hollie: Marty Fullard Drum Student

"Marty is a high energy drum educator whose enthusiasm and infectious pursuit for quality drum education has made him an envoy to our craft." John Owens: Percussion Educator, Kent State University, Ohio

"Marty Fullard is a truly passionate educator and a great communicator and D’Addario is proud to work with Marty to help further his efforts within music education." Jim Bailey; Educator Relations Manager, D’Addario & Company, Inc.


"Marty Fullard inspires Drummers every day!"
Steve Lobmeier: Artist Relations, Evans, Promark, Puresound

"Marty, What a smile, what a sense of humor, what a drummer!" Mark Schulman: Drummer, PINK, Destiny's Child, Cher, Etc.,


"Marty is an inspiration and a model of perseverance and motivation. He did an amazing job with the guild and his passion for drumming and teaching is huge. Keep up the great work! Go go go!"  Stephane Chamberland: Professional Drum Educator, Author

"I’ve been an active member of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild for 9 years. Founder and President Marty Fullard continually finds new ways to give back to the drumming community and to help promote fellow drummers. Not only does Marty help other drummers further their education and knowledge of drumming, he helps them forge their own path and build their career. It’s honor to work with such a wonderful organization run by a great guy and a great drummer. Thank you for everything Marty!"  Bart Robley:  Drummer, Sam Morrison Band


"Marty offers a tremendous service to the drumming community. In this age of virtual reality there is nothing more important than connecting drummers and drum teachers to perpetuate the art of drumming."
Don Lombardi: Chairman of the Board, DW Drums


"Marty Fullard is a highly accomplished drummer and percussionist, whose Professional Drum Teachers Guild brings drummers from all over the world to elevate the concept of the drum teacher through proper technique, reading, rudiments, and drumming styles. His mission is to find the highest level of drum teachers so that drumming students can get the proper education they deserve, now matter where they live. This a fabulous concept, because so many young drummers don’t have access to good teachers, and their full potential isn’t realized. Marty has been doing this for 3 decades, and in 2012, he was nominated BEST DRUM TEACHER. Marty is also a special needs coach and facilitator, and has taught over 2500 students in the art of drumming."
Sam Ruttenberg: drummer, Dave Brubeck, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, etc., Educator, inventor -  Hingestix


"When it comes to drum education, you can see that Marty has a true passion for teaching students of all levels. He shares this passion and knowledge with other teachers all over the world with his PDTG site. The fact that he wants to educate teachers to be great at teaching is amazing. It is one thing to say you teach, but another to deliver the right information to your student. Marty is an advocate for making sure teachers standards are high. I am honored to be a part of this organization." Johnny Rabb: Drummer for Collective Soul, Professional Drum Educator, Author


"Marty is thorough, genuine, and gifted. He has a God-given ability to bring out the best grooves in drummers and other musicians. He thrives when it comes to creativity and his attention to detail. He has the ability to bring that creative spirit out of each and every drummer. Marty always remains true to the very art  of drumming, When it comes to passion and feeling behind a drum set, Marty's the guy. He is able to ignite a passion and desire within all drummers and other musicians." Alex Acuna: Drummer/Percussionist, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Weather Report etc.


"I met Marty in 2008 and we became fast friends! He and I share the same passion for teaching the drums. In addition to being one of the finest educators I know, Marty is an excellent human being. He's humble, caring and always thinking of others. He's helped me numerous times in my career. He's always been there for me with words of wisdom and encouragement. I'm blessed to call Marty my friend and HIGHLY recommend him as a drum educator!"  Rob Ferrell: Professional Drum Educator, Orange County, CA.

"Marty came to our school to deliver an afternoon of drum sessions. He didn't know our pupils and we cater for children from 3 thru 19, of widely varying abilities and behavior.  AT our school,  we work with children and young people with very complex needs.Marty handled all of the children with professionalism and enthusiasm and our teachers were really impressed particularly, with the responses and interactions they experienced in the PMLD classes. Marty  is clearly a highly skilled musician as well as an experienced and inspirational practitioner, Sophie: Educator