"Marty Fullard is a truly passionate educator and a great communicator and D’Addario is proud to work with Marty to help further his efforts within music education." Jim Bailey: Educator Relations Manager, D’Addario & Company, Inc.


"Marty Fullard is a highly accomplished drummer and percussionist, whose Professional Drum Teachers Guild brings drummers from all over the world to elevate the concept of the drum teacher through proper technique, reading, rudiments, and drumming styles. His mission is to find the highest level of drum teachers so that drumming students can get the proper education they deserve, now matter where they live. This a fabulous concept, because so many young drummers don’t have access to good teachers, and their full potential isn’t realized. Marty has been doing this for 3 decades, and in 2012 he was nominated BEST DRUM TEACHER. Marty is also a special needs coach and facilitator, and has taught over 2500 students in the art of drumming."

Sam Ruttenberg: drummer, Dave Brubeck, Count Basie,Lionel Hampton, Educator, inventor - PROMARK Hingestix


"Marty is thorough, genuine, and gifted.  He has a God-given ability to bring out the best grooves in drummers and other musicians.  He thrives when it comes to creativity and his attention to detail.  He has the ability to bring that creative spirit out of each and every drummer. Marty always remains true to the very art of drumming.  When it comes to passion and feeling behind a drum set, Marty's the guy.  He is able to ignite a passion and desire within all drummers." Alex Acuna: Drummer & Percussion Player-Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Weather Report etc.,


"Marty is an inspiration! His enthusiasm knows no bounds and he is dedicated to both his student s and his craft. He is a true Ambassador for our company.” Elaine Smith, Marketing Manager: D'Addario, (United Kingdom)


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A DRUM TEACHER IN SOLIHULL AREA? A DRUM TEACHER IN, AND AROUND BIRMINGHAM? You want a professional drum teacher who is more than a drum tutor?  You want a drum teacher who offers more than drum books & drum grades. Although Marty does use Books & Grades as Educational tools, with Solihull Drum Tutor, Marty Fullard  there is a passionate-dedicated educationist who brings countless years of experience.  Most Importantly,  Marty  considers it an honor & priviledge to  work with you and your family on your drum journey.

Drum lessons are in your own home or convenient facility. Marty has always believed that drummers are more comfortable &  actually play better  in their own environment.  Marty can provide drums, cymbals & sticks. Loaner drum sets are also available. Drum lessons can be weekly or every two weeks. Lessons may also be 'split or shared' at no extra cost.

With a roster of 500+ students, Marty is able to customize a drum program that's right for you. All styles, all levels, sight reading, grooves, feel & pocket, rudiments.  Marty will help you play to music & play in a band. Click track, studio & "live" experience is also covered.  Lessons are completely customized as "one-size does not fit all."  

As a drum coach & mentor to other professional drum teachers, Marty is also able to help drummers who have studied or are currently  being taught by other educators. Marty is known for "filling in the blanks," meaning, equipping the drummer with essential tools for a lifetime of drumming. Time and again, Marty comes across drummers who are missing the "meat and potatoes" of drumming essentials.

Marty is thorough & provides a relaxed, warm & friendly environment cohesive to learning for all ages & personalities.  Marty encourages individualism & believes that fun walks side by side to learning. That to be said, lessons are structured. There  are warm ups, exploration & application of rudiments,  a strong emphasis on technique, grooves, "finding the one,"  & Individual application; this is where the student applies his/her own identity to drumming.

Drum lessons also include tuning & drum set aesthetics.  Marty strongly encourages drum student individuality. Marty also makes sure  there is room for any questions during each session. Marty encourages parental participation.  Parents/Carers are welcome to sit-in and watch  all sessions & ask questions. 


Marty appears  In MD's

"Best Drum Teacher's" List

"The best thing I ever did was get drum lessons from Marty Fullard." Joel Alcock - Drummer Big Dog Band

Congratulations to Marty's student Loz and his band TinFish on their record deal.  The EP is AWESOME!

Harry's band is Free Galaxy

Checkout Session Drummer/Drum Educator Kate

Ollie is a Professinal Metal Drummer/Educator

Phil is a  Percussion Student of Marty and also studying at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. With Marty he is  studying   ABRSM.

Seb is currently on his Grade 6 RockSchool Series

Joe plays Performance Drums for his school  and School of Rock

Congratulations Dan - Trinity drum set Grade 6.  You killed it!

Watch the hilarious video 

James is loving playing along to his favorite Iron Maiden, Kiss & Alice Cooper songs. After performance drumming at his High school, James is taking his drummimg to the next level with Rudimentary & Groove  study with Marty.  "It is important to play along to songs. To develop time keeping & an understanding of the pocket and groove.  This is what  it takes to make a good  drummer an even better drummer!" Marty Fullard

Elliot combines his love for Jazz & Rock. This fusion makes for very cool , fascinating,  & complex drumming patterns.  "Drumming is about taking the things from the heart & expressing them." Marty Fullard

Congrats to High school drummer Sam for snagging "Outstanding Attitude to Learning and Development" in Music Class.

Watch Marty in a session with Tin Fish drummer Loz