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Proud PAS Member Marty Fullard, teaches & coaches  snare drum rudiments and rudimental application as fills. Marty coaches thorough & correct technique which eliminates wrist strain and helps prevent against Carpal Tunnel. Marty teaches CORRECT drum stick technique.

Printable  Drum Notation 

Marty Only plays Evans RealFeel Speed Pads. These Practice Pads are perfect for building up SPEED, Teachnique & Chops!

Marty Only plays PROMARK drumsticks. Marty encourages his students to play Promark SELECT BALANCE  Hickory 5A Drumsticks.

Marty plays Select Balance & Hickory Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570™ Wood Tip

For Warm-Up Exercises, Marty  plays American Hickory TXDC1W Jeff Moore Marching Drumsticks

What seperates Evans from other inferior brands is it's consistant quality & punch.  Even if a drummer is playing an extry level drum set, Evans will compensate with a superior head. On low end drums, the shells are generally thin & low quality.  The head is balanced on something called a "Bearing Edge." All Evans drum heads are maufactured to compensate uneven &  irregular surfaces or "bearing edges".  It's part of Evans "LEVEL 360"  process. 360 gives balanced contact over every single angle of the drum head.  For example, on an Evans EC2 tom batter , the drum head has two piles of 7mil film. The EDGE CONTROL RING helps balance & control the tone, meaning less annoying rings and vibrations and the head rests flat. When it's struck, no vibrations

Marty's other favorite head, Black Chrome. This is the deepest sounding head I've ever played.  As with all Evans  drum heads, the response is phenomenal.  The tone & projection is out of the park

Here's my favorite snare BATTER. Evans Hydraulic Blue Coated. Fat, deep, short awesome snare sound.  You hear the REAL snare sound. For closed rolls & rudiments it's like a day at the beach! Very cool for brush work.

Marty plays Evans 300 SNARE SIDE for that hazy, sensitive sound.  Your snare drum will sound better with PURESOUND SNARE WIRES

Proud Founding Member


Marty loves Hydraulic Blue.  Not only are they easy to tune, but they sound fat. Perfect for live, perfect for recording! Producers & Sound Engineers love them, no annoying rings. No need for duct tape or moon gel

 My students' favorite snare batter, Evans Genera Dry.   There's an overtone control ring, & PRECISION DRILLED vents to further reduce overtones & sustain.

Marty only plays & recommends Evans drum heads.  For the kick (BATTER) side, Evans EMAD: For Reso side, EMAD RESO (PORT HOLE)

Marty's student Natasha is the proud owner of a NATAL

UXP  Series Drumset

Marty & Student Loz " go dig a little" into the Rudiments

"Marty Fullard is one of the premier drum teachers in the UK. His knowledge and skill in preparing a student to be a professional musician is second to none. But beyond that, Marty's charismatic and warm personality will endear him for life to anyone lucky enough to be under his expert tutelage. I can truly say I wish had the opportunity myself to learn from such a master drummer and teacher. I am honored to know him as both a friend and colleague." Joel Rothman: Drum Educator, Author


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Marty's student Harry loves his new Istanbul Xist Series cymbals